Above Ground Liner Replacements

Trying to get one extra season out of your pool liner can be a big mistake in the long run and putting off the expense of a pool renovation can lead to higher costs in the future. If your liner is always losing water, the top reason for liner replacement, it is costing you money each and every day. Not only does a leak in your pool waste water, it also takes with it the heating and chemicals you’ve spent your hard earned money on. Throughout a season or two, that additional cost alone would pay for the majority of a liner replacement.

Not only will a new vinyl liner protect your pool, a new dark print vinyl liner is also able to better absorb heat from the sun than a faded or light coloured liner, keeping your heating costs down. Preventing leaking water and saving on heating costs alone should be enough of a motivator to prompt a liner replacement. This doesn’t even factor in the time spent in maintaining your pool with a leak, or the potentially devastating costs of damage to your pool or surrounding areas as a result of an old and leaky pool liner.

It is never prudent to delay changing your liner and Above The Rest Pool Service and Installation is there to make the process easy and affordable, helping you save money and effort in the long run.

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