Outdoor Water Features

Increase the value of your property with a professionally installed water-feature, giving your home added curb appeal.

Not only will a water feature add to the value of your home, it can also provide soothing water sounds that drown out surrounding noise such as traffic or loud neighbours. A water feature also provides a beautiful setting for entertaining guests, as it’s well known that a waterfront property is highly valued.

Let us assist you in incorporating a beautiful water feature into your outdoor area, without moving to a nearby lake, river, or ocean!

Bubbling Rocks & Urns

Our professionally installed bubbling rock water features are versatile and can be installed in front and back yards. We have the ability to provide rock material to form your bubbling rock, however if you have a rock already selected, we are happy to work with your materials and turn it into your own bubbling water feature.

A bubbling rock is an easy and affordable way to add tranquility and peace to your outdoor area, ideal for both large and small backyards. We can even give your yard a more dramatic effect by installing a cluster of two or three bubbling rocks together.

Basalt Water Fountains

Our versatile basalt water fountains can be installed in the smallest of areas within your outdoor space, giving you a blissful water feature with a small footprint. We can create a Basalt fountain in spaces as little as 36”x36”, and they are an elegant addition to your patio or deck. Our Basalt water features require little maintenance, needing a top-up only every few weeks, or if desired, an automatic fill valve can be installed to ensure the water is topped up automatically.

Pond-less Waterfalls

Our popular Pond-less Waterfalls allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of running water, without handling a complicated pond. Perfect for small spaces, our Pond-less Waterfalls are versatile.
Whatever you desire, we are ready to professionally transform your outdoor space!

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