Pool Liner Replacements

Many folks make the mistake of trying to get that one extra season out of their pool liner. When trying to put off the expense of a pool renovation, you will end up paying more in the long run. If the liner is constantly losing water, which is the number one cause for liner replacement, you are losing money every day. When a pool leaks it takes with it the money spent on heating and chemicals for the water. Over a season or two, this additional cost would pay for the majority of the new liner costs.

A new vinyl pool liner will save you more money when you consider that a dark print vinyl liner will absorb heat from the sun, far more readily than an old sun faded or light coloured liner. These two points alone should be enough for you to consider replacing your vinyl liner sooner than later – and we have not even factored in time spent maintaining a leaking pool, or the cost of additional damage that can happen as a result of old and unreliable pool liners.

Don’t put off changing your liner, Above The Rest Pool Service and Installation will make the process painless and affordable, saving you money in the long run.

Pool Liner Options 2020 – Made 100% in Canada

Megna Liners

Above Ground Liners – Overlap


Above Ground Liners – Beaded


Beaded Liners – 20ml

Inground Liners – Beaded



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