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Hot Tubs London

We provide the London area with high-quality hot tubs. We handle every aspect of your hot tub purchase, from the sale of your new hot tub to the installation. Equinox hot tubs are prized for their elegant look and durability, providing you with a hot tub that offers a beautiful spa look and feel within the comfort of your own backyard. Protected by a lengthy warranty, our Equinox spas give you relaxation and peace of mind.

There is no better gift for your family than a new hot tub! Assisting London and surrounding areas, we want to ensure your brand new hot tub is fully equipped and properly installed.

Stunning & Welcoming Hot Tub Styles

We often receive praise from our London customers regarding our hot tub installations! Your Equinox hot tub will give you a luxurious escape all year, with the sounds of the Equinox waterfall and multi-coloured spa lights. Ready to order in 4 different models, the Equinox hot tub is available in three acrylic colours and three cabinet colours to choose from, with perimeter lighting and built-in waterfall features as requested. Take a look at the Equinox hot tub models that we are able to provide on our Hot Tubs page.

Brighten Up Your Living Space

The warm water and powered jets of your new hot tub will take you away! A hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day and get some fresh air in the beautiful great outdoors. A hot tub allows you to get out of the house to enjoy the benefits of being outside, without the negative effects of the cold!

Review Your Hot Tub Needs Today

If you are in the London area and are seeking a quality hot tub, we are on hand to assist today, simply phone 519.809.9074 for hot tub sales & service.

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