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On-Ground Pools Woodstock

Taking great pride in providing advanced on-ground pools in Woodstock, at Above the Rest we focus on the installation of long lasting and beautiful on-ground pools. Ready to be installed above ground, our on-ground pools help give you the experience of an in-ground pool while saving you money.

We are experienced in installing oval and round on-ground pools within Woodstock, providing above ground pools that sit on the ground and are long lasting and durable.

Complete On-Ground Pool Installations

When it comes to on-ground pool installations there are a multitude of factors to consider, from landscaping hurdles, grade differences in your available ground, and your desired size and style of pool. With our team of expert on-ground pool installers you can be assured that all of your needs will be addressed to ensure your on-ground pool is properly installed, as we take care of every aspect of your on-ground pool installation from landscaping to tree removal.

It is key to review the benefits of both oval and round swimming pools before selecting your on-ground pool style:

Functional Round On-Ground Pools

Among the benefits of a round on-ground pool is the higher structural integrity provided, as pressure is evenly applied to the pool walls. A round on-ground pool also gives you a larger swimming area at a lower budget, and generally on-ground pools have a lower replacement liner cost. Enjoy faster cleaning with a round on-ground pool as there are fewer ‘dead spots’ in the circulation.

Useful Oval On-Ground Pools

While sitting a slightly higher price point than round swimming pools, oval on-ground pools can be a better choice when your outdoor space is restricted with fences, buildings, trees or even power lines.

An oval on-ground pool can also give you a more appropriate set up for swimming laps if your space is limited and you are not able to install a larger round on-ground pool. We know how to assess your outdoor space in Woodstock, ensuring your choice is made simple and that your newly installed on-ground pool is giving you the very best value.

If you live in the Woodstock area and are interested in our high-quality on-ground pool installations, phone us today.

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