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Swimming Pool Installer London Ontario

Above The Rest are expert swimming pool installers, assisting London homeowners since 1996. We proudly install only the best above ground swing pools and offer homeowners premium swimming pool products that provide versatility and durability. Our expert swimming pool installers are ready to transform your backyard and create your own personal oasis and are even able to install your above ground swimming pool in-ground at your London home.

Your Advanced Swimming Pool Installer

We remain expert swimming pool installers who are able to provide you with advanced swimming pool installations in London. Our high quality swimming pools are built to last, and our team of experienced swimming pool installers want to work with you to determine the ideal swimming pool shape and size for your London backyard, on hand to teach you the benefits of both:

How Does a Round Swimming Pool Installation Benefit Me?

It is important to note that when choosing a round swimming pool for your London property that a round swimming pool gives you the advantage of having a larger swimming area at a lower installation price point. A round swimming pool installation is able to give your swimming pool higher structural integrity, as pressure is evenly distributed to your pool walls with a round swimming pool. A round swimming pool also leaves less ‘dead spots’ with the current and circulation.

The Versatility of an Oval Swimming Pool

Though an oval swimming pool installation in your London yard often requires a higher initial investment than a round swimming pool, it does offer versatility with regards to any outdoor obstacles you may face, including fences, buildings, or trees. If your London backyard is unable to accommodate a large round swimming pool, an oval swimming pool can give you a large swimming area that can fit into awkward spaces. Our London swimming pool installers are ready to work with you to determine the ideal swimming pool shape and size.

Work with a Premium Swimming Pool Installer

Our team of London based swimming pool installers are experts who recognize that each swimming pool installation is unique. Our swimming pool installation team takes your property’s needs into account, assessing grade difference, landscaping hurdles, and your desired swimming pool size. We are ready to fully review your London landscape to assist you in discovering the ideal swimming pool for your lifestyle and budget, ensuring you have a range of swimming pool options.

If you want a professional swimming pool installation at your London location, contact our experienced staff and learn how to start the process.

Swimming Pools, Spas & Landscaping London

Serving London, Ontario & Surrounding Areas

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