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Swimming Pool Installer London

Since 1996, Above The Rest has been completing premium swimming pool installations in the London area. Our above ground swimming pool installations are high quality and versatile, and our swimming pool installers are even able to install your above ground swimming pool in-ground at your London property, giving you all the benefits of an in-ground swimming pool without the large cost.

London round & oval swimming pool installations

Our high quality swimming pool installations are available in both round and oval shapes for the London area, built to stand the test of time. Before you choose your swimming pool shape, it is important to know the benefits of both round and oval swimming pool installations:

Choosing a Round Swimming Pool Installation

There are many benefits to choosing a round swimming pool installation at your London home, as a round swimming pool is able to give you a larger swimming area at a lower installation cost. A round swimming pool leads to a more even application of pressure around your pool walls, giving your swimming pool a higher structural integrity. A round swimming pool installation is also easier to maintain, as the water circulation leads to less ‘dead spots’ and liner replacements are less costly.

Adaptable Oval Swimming Pools

An oval swimming pool installation, while starting at a slightly higher price point than a round swimming pool, gives your London property more flexibility if your space has any restrictions or has an awkward shape from fences, trees, or buildings.

If your London location is unable to accommodate a large round pool and you want to be able to swim longer laps, an oval swimming pool is an excellent solution. Let our experienced swimming pool installers in London work with you, figuring out the best swimming pool size and shape for you.

Premium Swimming Pool Installations

Let our expert team of London based swimming pool experts tackle your swimming pool installation, as they treat every swimming pool installation uniquely, taking into account grade difference, swimming pool size, and landscaping obstacles. We can review your London location and find the ideal swimming pool for your budget. Our swimming pool installation team can fully assess your London yard, offering installation options that can avoid unnecessary costs.

If you have been looking for an advanced swimming pool installation in London Ontario, our helpful staff is ready to start the process today.

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