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Swimming Pool Service & Repair for London

For over two decades, Above The Rest has been servicing and repairing above ground swimming pools in the London area. Our years of experience means we have the knowledge to service and repair any make and model of above ground swimming pool, keeping your investment operating well for years to come.

We Can Inspect Your Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool service and repair team can help you keep your swimming pool running efficiently with regular general inspections. Keeping your swimming pool well serviced is key to extending the life of your swimming pool investment.

Essential Swimming Pool Repairs

Keep yourself protected and let our swimming pool service and repair team inspect your pool this year. A small leak can lead to large repairs or replacement if it is not taken care of quickly. We are experts in swimming pools service and repairs, and can fix or upgrade any swimming pool make or model. We can determine the source of your swimming pool problem and repair it quickly and efficiently.

Seasonal Maintenance To Protect Your Pool

Our swimming pool service and repair team can tackle opening and closing your swimming pool in London, giving you more time to enjoy the warm weather. We are experts in properly opening and closing above ground swimming pools.

Don’t spend your summer cleaning or vacuuming your swimming pool, let our swimming pool service and repair team take care of all your swimming pool maintenance, including handling chemicals. We keep a large inventory of swimming pool chemicals and accessories in stock to ensure your swimming pool has what it needs.

Well-trained swimming pool staff

Let our swimming pool service and repair staff guide you in the purchase of your swimming pool chemicals. We understand that an inferior chemical can cause unnecessary clogs to your filters and chlorinators, which is why we only offers high quality swimming pool chemicals. Our swimming pool service and repair staff are also able to help you select swimming pool accessories and equipment ideal for your swimming pool type.

If you would like to learn more about our swimming pool service and repair in the London area, contact our friendly staff today.

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